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Let us support you on your bilingual journey! Whether you're looking for Spanish or French, we offer a variety of classes for students ranging from 6 months old to adults! If you don't find a class or time that you are looking for, please contact us.

Early Global Language Program

Ages 6 Months-2 Years

Moms, Dads, Grandparents, Caregivers...

The earlier you immerse yourself in a second language, the greater level of proficiency you will ultimately achieve. Through movement, music and interactive play, babies and their caregivers can learn together in a nurturing, playful environment during our Play With Me sessions.

Ages 2-3

Get your little one ready for preschool at Tribú! Our preschool readiness students enjoy a culturally-rich curriculum that touches on their auditory, visual, and kinetic styles of learning as they start their journeys as bilingual and bi literate learners.


Ages 3-5

This preschool aged class is an innovative program where students have joyful learning experiences. By building independence, decision making, creativity, problem solving and academic skills, your child will be ready to take on the world!

Language Enrichment Program

Explorer Club.jpeg

Grades K-2

Elementary age children are active and eager participants when learning a new language.


Our homeschool and after school classes offer a small group learning environment that include practical conversation, high-impact learning games, targeted letter recognition and spelling activities, all supported with music and visual aids.

These classes meet for one hour, once a week.

Grades 3-5

This level is a faster pace for our older learners. The classes are student centered. After modified input has been “taken in” and comprehension is achieved using games, challenges and dramatic play, students are then given the chance to use the language in communicative, task-based activities that require problem solving, creativity and cooperation. At Tribú, we understand that language learning is a process that depends on first understanding the language, then having the opportunity to use the knowledge in a unique way. We strive to give students multiple opportunities to use the language in each class.


Ages 11-Adult

We are eager to support students of all ages as they learn language! Besides our scheduled classes, we also offer group and private lessons for high school students, families, groups, and corporations (refer to Tribú to You). 

  • One-on-One                   

  • Small Group Lessons 

  • Conversational 

  • Beginning  

  • Intermediate 

  • Middle School

  • High School 

  • Adult


Bring Tribú to you! Ask about a free evaluation class. 

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