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Caretaker and Me Program
"Play with Me"

Research shows that the earlier you start learning a second language, the greater level of proficiency you will ultimately achieve. Our Play With Me sessions are designed to offer an immersive language experience that engages children, caregivers and families. Our expert team of educators is committed to creating a safe and welcoming environment using our 4 Pillars of Global Education where you can learn and grow while making

4 Pillars of Global Education

Cognitive Development

Our teachers offer a secure environment where kids may respond to, adapt to, and learn about their surroundings using all of their senses at this crucial moment in their development. Children learn to associate sounds and sights, become aware of themselves and their surroundings, and stay interested throughout the day through a variety of activities. the ability to link linguistic and physical abilities, which are required for finishing activities and responding to requests. Through problem-solving exercises and games, storytelling, music, dance, and other techniques, they gain analytical abilities and an understanding of the relationships between ideas at this stage.

A child's growth must include language development during the first two years of life. A newborn learns how to communicate, express, and comprehend their feelings throughout these crucial months. Our teachers assist your youngster in making the switch from nonverbal to verbal communication by modeling conversations, imparting sign language and Spanish, and assisting them in naming known people and items . To prepare children for a lifetime of friendships, new vocabulary and suitable interpersonal communication skills are introduced. We provide a safe and secure atmosphere for your child where they will encounter many varied, yet dependable and recognizable faces thanks to teachers who come from diverse backgrounds. 

Language & Culture

Baby with Teddy Bear

Social & Emotional Development

Your child participates in activities that promote collaboration and imaginative play when you give them loving, individualized care. Your child can develop a sense of power over their body and their environment by developing their independence and autonomy. Independence is supported by critical thinking, intrinsic motivation, and self-assurance. At Tribú, we provide a secure, encouraging, and supportive atmosphere for children to explore their emotions in a healthy way. Your child will take part in activities meant to support them in identifying their emotions and developing bonds with family, friends, and caretakers.

Your child is really active at this point. Our staff leads children through entertaining and secure exercises that keep them active and improve their gross motor abilities. Toddlers pick up toys, use utensils, and eventually handle pencils as part of their regular activities, which help them develop their fine motor abilities.

Fine & Gross Motor Skill Development

Class Structure

Read with Me



Read Aloud/Vocab Intro

Interactive Activity


Year Overview

  • September/October: All About Me/ The Farm

  • November/December: Family/Arctic Animals

  • January/February: Sea Animals/ Friends

  • March/April: Insects/ Life Cycle

  • May: Jungle Animals

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